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Cycle of Collective Worship based on the Anglican Lectionary C (Bible readings in church that week) Academic Year 2021/2022: SUMMER TERM 

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Week Beginning (colour is for that Sunday in church) Reading(s)
(Taken from the Lectionary for the
Sunday of that week)
(The current SIAMS framework has a greater focus on theology.)
Suggestions for act of C/W
(Remember to think how your collective worship is an expression of your School Vision and how you will measure impact. Think about whether a suggested resource is suitable for your context, how will you need to adapt it for your context? Could you adapt a primary resource for secondary and vice versa?)

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Suggested hymn or song
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Questions to take home
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17 April 2022

(Easter Day)

1 Corinthians 15: 19-26

Paul was writing to the church in Corinth. His letter pre-dates the Gospel accounts. Paul states that if the resurrection never happened, then everything that Christians believe falls apart. Because of the resurrection Paul says that Jesus has beaten death itself.

What does the resurrection mean for Christians?

Jesus is alive today, he is with his followers every day.

The resurrection proves the identity of Jesus as the Son of God

The resurrection confirms Jesus’ work – he lived and died to bring people back to God, so they could be forgiven

The resurrection has brought victory over death – Christians believe they will go to heaven when they die to be with God and experience his love.

Luke 24:1-12

The women who went to the tomb were certain Jesus was dead. In the first century Roman world the witness testimony of a woman was not admissible in court as women were not to be believed. Luke records though, that the women were the first witnesses to the resurrection. The apostles struggled to believe because it just seemed impossible. Even when Peter went to the tomb, he still struggled to believe.

Exploring the impact of the resurrection on the first disciples.

Belief and doubt

ST – The difficult word (faith) (F10)

LS(C) –Easter Day

(Primary) (Primary)

Story of ‘Who moved the Stone?’ Frank Morison (Secondary) (Secondary)

Roll the stone away (Big start songs for cw)

Out of the Ark – Easter songs

Thine be the glory;

We are walking in the light of God

Do you think Jesus really (beat death) rose from the dead? Why or why not?

Do you ever wonder or think about what happens after this life? What do you believe? Why?

Prayer Spaces in Schools: Big Questions – If you could ask God one question what would it be?

24 April 2022  Acts 5:27-32

Following Jesus’ resurrection appearances and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the disciples are emboldened to speak out and boldly share the good news that Jesus was alive. They had been told to keep quiet by the religious leaders but felt compelled to keep telling the truth.

John 20:19-31

Thomas, did not believe the other disciples, when they said that Jesus was alive. He wanted to see proof with his own eyes before he believed. (The Bible says, be merciful to those who doubt (Jude 22).

Understanding how the first disciples talked about the resurrection.


Doubt and belief


Speaking the truth when it is difficult

AT – Thomas
ST – The difficult word (faith) (F10)
LS(C) – Second Sunday of Easter (Primary) (Secondary) (Secondary) (Secondary)
Be bold, be strong!

Stand up (Big start assemblies)

We are walking in the love of God

How do you think Thomas felt when he saw Jesus and had his doubts removed?

How would you describe Jesus’ attitude to Thomas? How did he react?

What do you believe in without actually having ever seen it?

Have you ever felt brave and spoken the truth even when someone told you to be quiet? What happened?

What would stop you speaking the truth?

1 May 2022 Psalm 30

This song was written by King David, over a thousand years before the resurrection and Peter’s encounter with Jesus on the beach. Verse 5 could be applied to Peter and Jesus’ forgiveness of him (remember Peter had denied ever knowing Jesus before the crucifixion) and verse 11 a possible description of how Peter might have felt after his conversation with Jesus.

John 21:1-19

This is the final resurrection appearance in John’s Gospel. Peter had denied knowing Jesus three times as he stood round a fire in the courtyard where Jesus was being held before his crucifixion. This time Peter is standing round a fire cooking fish and Jesus asks him three times if he loves him, and each time Jesus commissions him to care for others. At the beginning of the Gospel Jesus calls Peter to ‘Follow me!’ and Jesus repeats this again. Peter is affirmed, forgiven and has a fresh start.


Fresh Starts
LS(C) – Third Sunday of Easter (Primary) (Primary) (Secondary)

One more step along the world I go.

Brand new day (Big start assemblies)

It’s a new day (Big start assemblies)

Oh happy day!

Have you ever made a really bad mistake? How did it make you feel?

Have you ever been forgiven? What happened? How did it make you feel?

Is it easier to forgive someone or accept forgiveness from someone? Why do you think that?

8 May 2022 Psalm 23

This song was written by King David, who had been a shepherd as a boy. He knew what was needed to look after sheep and describes God in those same terms.

Acts 9:36-43

Peter has been told to continue the work of Jesus, the good shepherd. Peter discovers that raising the dead was not just part of Jesus’ ministry. We are also reminded of the Easter story, Jesus’s work was to conquer death.

God gives new life spiritually and physically.

The example of Dorcas, caring for others.

Loving and caring for others as a reflection of God’s love and care.

LS(C) Fourth Sunday of Easter

36 RTR – God’s care for humans (Primary) (Secondary)

The Lord’s my shepherd;

The king of love my shepherd is;

Make me a channel of your peace

What good things are you known for?

How do you show care for others?

What reminds you or makes you think about God’s love and care for you?

15 May 2022 Acts 11:1-18

Peter told the church leaders inJerusalem about his experience with Cornelius. As a good Jew, Peter would never have eaten at the home of a Gentile (Cornelius). At that time the followers of Jesus were still Jewish and followed Jewish law. To accept Gentiles was a massive change. Peter’s vision and experience made him realise that

Gentiles are not only “clean” but could also follow Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit.

Revelation 21:1-6

The final book of the Bible contains messages for the churches, describes

the end times and finishes with the restoration of creation. In this penultimate chapter John describes how God will put back everything to how it should be, just as it was in the Garden of Eden.

The effects of the resurrection are far-reaching and eternal

All are welcome in God’s kingdom.

The best is yet to come.

Living as a how God intended, at peace with God and others.

LS(C) – Fifth Sunday of Easter

Invite someone in from your local church to talk about what they do to welcome others or live out heaven here on earth through the work they do.

Check out the Compassionate Communities webpage for information on how the Diocese of London works to bring healing, justice, restoration and welcome to Londoners

Send us on (Big start assemblies)

Let there be love shared among us;

Ready to go (Big start assemblies)

A new commandment I give unto you;

Brother, sister let me serve you;

Love the Lord your God (out of the Ark)

What would you imagine a perfect world to look like?

How would it be the same/different to what we know now?

How could you do to bring a little bit of heaven to earth now?

22 May 2022

(26 May is Ascension Day)

Psalm 67

This song by David, reminds God’s people that God blesses people inorder that they can then bless others. God’s blessing was not to be hoarded but spread and shared to the ends of the earth.

Acts 16:9-15

Paul was a missionary, sent by the church to share the Good News of Jesus, forgiveness of sins and peace with God. Paul saw a vision of a man calling to him from Macedonia (north of Greece), some think this man was Luke (the Gospel writer). Paul responded to the vision and preached the Gospel there.

Good news spreads.

Sharing blessing with others.

LS(C) – Sixth Sunday of Easter

Ascension Day (Primary) (Secondary) (Secondary)


Psalm 67 & Acts 16 (Primary) (Primary) (Secondary – life of St Aidan)


You may want to refer to the work of a mission organisation

When I needed a neighbour,

One more step along..

Tell out my soul

What was the last good thing you shared with someone? How did you feel about that? Was it easy or difficult to do? How did you feel afterwards?

What good things could you say thank you to God for today?

Challenge: Each night before you go to sleep, think back on the day and thank God for one good thing.

How could you share the goodness you have received with others?

5 June 2022
Pentecost, Whit Sunday
Acts 2:1-21

After Jesus had risen and returned to heaven the disciples followed Jesus’ instruction to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to come upon them. On the day of Pentecost (a Jewish feast) the Holy Spirit comes upon the disciples and they receive new life and power to share God’s love and message. This marks the beginning of the church.

John 14:8-17, 25-27

Before Jesus was crucified, he tod his disciples that his work was nearly completed. He promised them that the Holy Spirit was coming, and that the Spirit’s presence would always be with them, not as a replacement for Jesus but to guide, comfort, counsel and give power to witness.

The celebration of Pentecost (look at how Pentecost is celebrated by Christians around the world ST – Pentecost A2

CA – Pentecost

LS(B) Pentecost

36 RTR – God’s power comes to his followers (Primary) (Secondary) (Secondary)

O God of burning, cleansing flame;

Breathe on me breath of God;

Give me oil in my lamp;

Spirit of God as strong as the wind;

Who do you look to as a guide in life or for wisdom?

What difficulties do you face at the moment?

Have you ever asked God to help you or give you wisdom in a situation? Why/ why not? What happened?

12 June 2022 Trinity Sunday
(This is the only major Sunday in the church calendar that celebrates a doctrine rather than an event)
Romans 5:1-5

Paul writes to the church in Rome. He expresses something of the work of the Trinity in salvation. Because of faith in Jesus, there is an opportunity to be justified (made right) and live at peace with God the Father and the Holy Spirit makes it possible to experience God’s love.

John 16:12-15

Jesus spoke to his disciples before his death about the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. Jesus explains something of the complex

nature of the Trinity. There is only one God, and yet the Father, Son and Holy Spirit work in different ways, but co-operate and serve one another.

God, by his very nature, is beyond understanding but it is still possible to see him at work.

Consider the nature of the Trinity

(Disclaimer: I know that all analogies about the Trinity have their limitations, and these acts of cw use analogies, but analogies can also be useful) (Primary) (Secondary) (Secondary)

You may be able to pick up second hand on Amazon the book Top Tips on Explaining the Trinity to Young People (2010)

by Sarah Bingham and John Grayston

Holy, holy, holy;

From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea (Indescribable)

Dominus Spiritus Est (Taize)

Vieni, Spirito Creatore (Taize)

What do you understand about the Christian belief in one God?


What big questions do you have about God or belief in God?

19 June 2022 Psalm 22:19-29

This psalm starts with the cries of someone who believes he is at the point of death. Then turns to a song of praise as he believes God has rescued him. He encourages others in his praise of God.

Luke 8:26-39

In this account of the healing of the Gerasene demoniac Jesus finds himself in a Gentile area, a place where Jews would not usually go. The man is completely isolated by his condition but when he is set free by Jesus he is restored to health and relationship with others.

Rescue and freedom from those things that oppress LS(C)- Proper 6


The Christian Aid website has a number of cw resources for both primary and secondary schools that address issues of justice and freedom



Story of Josephine Butler challenging oppression

How great thou art;


When I needed a neighbour


Our God is a great big God


Brother, sister let me serve you

Have you ever been rescued from something? What happened?


How do you feel when someone comes to help or rescue you when you get stuck?


Have you ever prayed to God when you needed help? Why/why not? What happened?

26 June 2022 1 Kings 19:15-16, 19-21

Elijah was regarded as Israel’s greatest prophet. He anoints Elisha as the prophet who will follow him. (Anointing was done with oil that was poured on the head as a symbol of the Holy Spirit). Elisha kills his oxen and burns his plough as a sacrifice, and in doing so signifies he can not go back to his former life.


Luke 9:51-62

Jesus is facing Jerusalem where he will willingly give up his life on the cross. He challenges those who say that they will follow him. Are they really willing to lay down those things that are precious to follow?

Serving God comes at a cost


Sacrificing yourself for others

The story of Eric Liddell (Primary) (Secondary)

All I once held dear;

Tell out my soul;

One more step along the world I go;


Would you walk by?

What is the most precious thing in your life? Is there anything or anyone you would give that up for? Why/why not?


Would you be willing to give up something to obey/follow God?

3 July 2022 Psalm 66:1-9

This Psalm (song) praises God for his power and help when things looked impossible. It references the Exodus, when God’s people were fleeing Egypt. They faced many challenges, but God upheld them.

Luke 10:1-11, 16-20

Jesus sent out 72 of his followers to preach about God’s kingdom. They had to rely on God for all they needed. There was the possibility of rejection and hostility, but they returned full of joy.

The challenge of sharing the Good News of Jesus

Relying on God

Overcoming challenging situations

Ask someone from your local church about ways they have shared the good news about Jesus in their community.


Find out about the work of Street Pastors

Give, give, give (Big start assemblies)

When I needed a neighbour;

Brother, sister let me serve you;

Let there be love shared among us

What challenges have you experienced?


What difference does it make to know God is compassionate and faithful?

10 July 2022 Psalm 25:1-10

This psalm speaks of the good that comes in following God’s laws and the guidance that God gives those who trust in him.


Luke 10:25-37

Jesus responds to the expert’s question about who was his neighbour with the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Samaritans were despised for not being purely Jewish and not following all God’s laws. The priest and Levite would have become impure for touching a corpse.

Loving your neighbour (Primary) (Primary)

Example of Patrick Hutchinson (Secondary) (Secondary)

Brother, sister let me serve you;

When I needed a neighbour;

Beauty for brokenness;

Give me a heart of compassion

If you know God’s love

When was the last time you helped someone? What happened?

Who do you find it difficult to show love to? Why?

What can you do this week to show kindness to someone?

Have you ever stood up for someone else when they needed your help?

17 July 2022 Genesis 18:1-10a

Abraham and Sarah showed hospitality to the three strangers, preparing food and making them comfortable.  They did not realise the hospitality they showed would result in unexpected blessing.

Luke 10:38-42

Martha and Mary (sisters of Lazarus)had very different ways of showing hospitality. In this instance, spending time in Jesus’ presence and listening were the best way of showing hospitality.

Showing hospitality to others


Welcoming others in different ways (Primary) (Primary) (Secondary)

Consider the welcome shown to refugees today/ evacuees in WWII

Give, Give Give (Big start assemblies);

Make me a channel of your peace;

When I needed a neighbour;

Brother, sister let me serve you

When did you last welcome someone i) to your house ii) to be your friend iii) to spend time with them?

How did it feel when someone welcomed you/ included you?

How can you welcome others?



You can download an editable version of our Spring Term Cycle of Collective Worship document here

The Church Year starts at Advent. In church different colours represent different seasons. You might want to use tablecloths in different colours in your collective worship to represent the time in the Church Year.

Penance and Preparation

Sacrifice, the Holy Spirit

Hope, Life and Growth

Joy and Celebration



No colour:


Purple is used for times of deep thinking and reflection. It is also sometimes used at adult funerals. Red is used for saints’ days who have died as martyrs and also represents the flame of the Holy Spirit. Green is used to represent quiet growth during the time between festivals and seasons. Gold used for special occasions. White represents purity (as opposed to sin which is scarlet). It often represents a season of celebration rather than a day. On these two days of the year the church is stripped bare of all decoration and flowers.
Used during Advent and Lent Pentecost/Whitsun

Martyr’s saints’ days

Used throughout Ordinary Time. Used for special days of celebration, such as Easter Day and Christmas Used in the seasons of Easter and Christmas and for saints who were not martyred. Good Friday and Holy Saturday


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