SIAMS Strand 1:
Vision and Leadership

In developing Vision and Leadership in a Church school, school leaders are advised to use these self-evaluation questions when completing the SIAMS SEF:

a) To what extent is the school’s vision and its associated values grounded in a clear theology firmly rooted in a Christian narrative? To what extent do leaders show awareness and understanding of current thinking in Church school education?

b) To what extent does the school’s Christian vision shape school policies and Church school development plans? How is priority given to collective worship and to religious education (RE)?

c) How well do leaders ensure that the school’s formal partnerships are supported,sustained and informed by the school’s Christian vision and associated values? This includes how well school leaders work with the local diocese/circuit and churches.

d) How well do leaders ensure that all staff members at all levels are supported in the development of their understanding of the school as a Church school? How well are future Church school leaders prepared and supported through professional development leading to improved practice?

e) How well do governors ensure that a robust and continuous self-evaluation process is in place that involves the school community in evaluating their effectiveness as a Church school?

f) Have the recommendations from the previous SIAMS inspection been addressed and brought about positive outcomes for pupils?

Recommended resources to support Vision and Leadership

Church of England (CE) Vision for Education
LDBS 2030 Vision 
Pedagogy, Leadership & Theology – exploring 20 school leadership issues
“Hands on Vision” teaching CE Vision by Helen Matter

Useful Websites

• The Church of England – Education and Schools
Foundation for Educational Leadership