Apply for a School Place

If you have recently moved to London, welcome!

Church of England schools in London are funded by the government: parents don’t pay fees for their children to attend.

Our schools are diverse: they are open to children from all backgrounds. You can apply for a place whatever your faith and whatever your ethnicity.

The exact syllabus varies from school to school, but all of our schools prepare children for national tests. Children sit SATS tests in Year 6 (age 11), GCSEs in Year 11 (age 16) and A-levels and other qualifications in Year 13 (age 18).

Young people leaving our secondary schools are well-prepared for life and for their next steps: whether to university, to a job, or an apprenticeship.

Each Church school is inspected by Ofsted, the national body which inspects the standards at every school, and SIAMS, the national body which inspects the Christian distinctiveness of Church schools. Church schools in London perform very well, above London and national averages.

You can find out more about each of our schools, including links to the schools’ own websites on our interactive map.

If you know which school you would like to apply for, please contact the school direct to arrange a visit and for more information about how to apply.

If you would like general advice about Church schools in London, or applying for school places, please contact