Property support and school building maintenance service

 “Most of our school buildings were here long before we were. Our job is to make sure they are still great places for the next generation to learn, and for the generation after that.

 Andrew Garwood-Watkins, Operations Director.
Core Services Brochure April 2023


  • Maximising school buildings and the real estate portfolio to meet the needs of LDBS and Church schools in London
  • Developing strategy and applying for grant funds to support schools to reach Net Zero Carbon


  • Liaising with Local Authorities over statutory title transfers and land transfers
  • Building works insurance
  • LDBS is the Responsible Body for VA Church schools
  • LDBS holds an insurance policy to cover building works at individual schools up to £250,000 per school and with an overall limit of £5million in any one year

School Support:

  • Project management of school building and maintenance projects
  • Building Maintenance Scheme
  • Research into title deeds and property ownership

The Building Maintenance Scheme comprises a fund from which VA school Governing Bodies pay their 10% contribution for building projects. The scheme operates as a collective self-insurance scheme under which the burden of management, administration and financing of all repair, maintenance and minor improvements is removed from individual schools. Schools pay annually, based on pupil numbers in the January census.

In 2022-23 LDBS oversaw 150 school building and maintenance projects with a total value of circa £9million, ranging from small projects of less than £10,000 to a SALIX-funded decarbonisation project with a value of £1.54million.

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