SIAMS Self-evaluation

Schools are advised to use the information from their ongoing in-school self-evaluation (Ongoing Self-Evaluation Template) to write one short, summary self-evaluation (Summary Self-Evaluation Template) that is aligned with the SIAMS criteria. This should provide an evidence-based evaluation of the impact of their Christian vision. In doing this,  schools may like to use the language of the Evaluation Schedule to help them to accurately indicate their evidence-based self-evaluation.

Schools should not allocate any specific grades as part of their self-evaluation. The inspector will do that, based on their evaluation of the school’s evidence base. The school’s appropriate use of the language of the Evaluation Schedule will help the inspector to make this evaluation. All inspection judgements must be evidence-based – a school’s assertion of any grade will not be sufficient in and of itself.


Supporting Documents:

Please find links here to both the self-evaluation templates. Please also find attached an updated version of the Information for Schools document (January 2022) that contains a summary of the self-evaluation guidance.

This page was last updated 4 February 2022