SIAMS Self-evaluation

School leaders and Governors are expected to ensure a robust and continuous self-evaluation process is in place that involves the school community in evaluating their effectiveness as a church school.

The Church of England Education Office has provided 3 separate documents which schools may use to help with this process:

1. The Self Evaluation Audit Tool or ‘SEAT’.

This has been designed to support schools with their on-going self-evaluation process and is intended to be a working document. It also includes some guidance about what to put on a school website. This document will not be required by the inspector, but can serve as a tool to support leaders as they produce their 2 page reflection summary.

2. ‘SIAMS reflection’ summary.

This is intended as an ongoing audit summary tool and should be no longer than 2 pages. It is the key document which schools can share with the inspector once an inspection has been triggered.

3. ‘Making a case for excellence.’ 

This can be used by schools who feel confident and ready to make a case for excellence. This should also be shared with the inspector.

Please note this guidance is offered to you as a tool to support the on-going self-evaluation of your school as a church school. It is not a statutory requirement, therefore schools should feel able to capture their 2 page summary in a different format should they prefer e.g. mind maps and diagrams.


Supporting Documents:

Please click on the SIAMS tab to find further guidance for each of the seven strands.

SIAMS Information for Schools – September 2021 

SIAMS Covid-19 Policy – September 2021 

SIAMS SEF can be downloaded here   ♦ Audit tool     ♦ SIAMS reflection    ♦ Making a case for excellence