Governor Re-appointments Process

If you are coming to the end of your first term as an LDBS governor and would like to continue for a second term you should:

  • discuss this with the headteacher and chair of governors
  • ask the headteacher, deputy headteacher and/ or the chair of governors to fill out a re-appointment questionnaire

We will consider your application and write to let you know the outcome.

We are so thankful for governors who serve faithfully and make a difference in our schools for many years. We do not usually appoint an LDBS governor for a third term in the same school, but if you are coming towards the end of your second term and keen to keep serving as a governor, please contact to discuss the options.


Stages of Re-appointments Process

All correspondence is completed electronically, however candidates are welcome to submit documents by post

1.    School Questionnaire Two Re-Appointment Questionnaires completed by the school


2.    Appointments Panel Appointments Panel meets monthly

Review documentation

Decision to approve, decline or request further information

3.    Appointment Confirmation and declaration form completed by governor

Re-Appointment letter issued by LDBS to governor, Chair and Headteacher