HR Services

Our fully qualified HR team brings together expertise from across the education sector. We provide a bespoke service, with a named link adviser for each school. As part of the LDBS, we can draw on the expertise of other colleagues, such as our education advisers and finance and data protection teams, in areas relevant to HR. We also have a wealth of experience in working with local authorities.

We understand how challenging the current environment is for schools, and so we are not increasing charges for our services in 2021-22. Where schools need to give notice to their current HR services provider, we can be flexible about when we start charging.

When they require HR advice, schools need a speedy response. Our personalised approach means schools enjoy unlimited email, telephone and face-to-face (which may be online just at the moment) advice and support. We will always provide a member of the team to attend governors’ HR hearings, including pay appeals. We can also provide on-site training and audit your school’s staff files, single central records and administration systems.

We will deliver comprehensive advice and guidance in the following areas:

  • Employment law
  • Discipline and grievance
  • Managing organisational change
  • Performance, capability and attendance management
  • Dealing with parental complaints
  • Establishing effective working relationships with trade unions
  • Terms and conditions for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements
  • Mediation between members of staff, parents and the school
  • TUPE in relation to outsourcing services
  • Equality audits

In addition, we will provide:

  • DBS checking service and counter-signatory service
  • Payroll services through our preferred suppliers
  • Occupational health pay-as-you-go services through one of our partnerships
  • If required, preparation of documentation and packs for HR hearings
  • For a small additional fee per annum, preparation of contracts of employment


DBS Checks & Contracts of Employment

We are happy to prepare contracts on an additional cost basis.
DBS Checks cost £40 per application for a salaried member of staff.

Grow Education Partners’ HR training courses

Schools buying into our service enjoy free-of-charge access to HR training courses run by Grow Education Partners.

Cost per annum (inclusive of VAT) from April 2021

Forms of Entry Package Contracts
0.5 £850.00
1 £1,450.00 £90.00
2 £1,960.00 £140.00
3 £2,380.00
Secondary £5,780.00 £400.00


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