Freezywater St George’s were really pleased to be one of four schools (and the first Church of England school) in Enfield to be awarded the title of ‘Inclusion Charter Champion School’. The Inclusion Charter was introduced to all schools in Enfield this year, and sets out 8 principles by which schools can achieve an inclusive environment for all pupils, particularly those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). As a school, staff are really proud of the provision they make for their pupils with SEND and the progress that those pupils make, so they put themselves forward to champion the charter. 

The staff and school have undergone a rigorous process of verification, including completing a detailed audit of the provision, and recently, a quality assurance visit with two members of the local authority school improvement team. They carried out a half day visit to school, reviewing the evidence of the school’s support for pupils with SEND, looking around the school at lessons and interventions, and meeting children. A small group of Freezywater St George’s  pupils with SEND showed real courage in talking to the quality assurance team, and showcasing some of their amazing work, which particularly impressed the visitors. The school has since been notified that, having considered the evidence presented to them, the school improvement team agree that the school/staff are demonstrating excellence in fulfilling the 8 principles of the inclusion charter and therefore qualify to be a champion school!

Staff look forward to continuing to promote inclusion at Freezywater St George’s and across the borough, and are really excited to keep developing the provision available so that all pupils are able to grow in ‘heart, mind and spirit’ and reach their full potential.

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