SIAMS Strand 6: The Impact of Collective Worship

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In a Church school Collective Worship should be inclusive, invitational and inspiring.

In this strand the inspector must explore:​

  • The ways in which collective worship is an expression of the school’s Christian vision.

In developing Collective Worship in a Church school, school leaders are advised to use these self-evaluation questions when completing the SIAMS SEF:

a) Offers the opportunity, without compulsion, to all pupils and adults to grow spiritually through experiences of prayer, stillness, worship and reflection.

b) Enables all pupils and adults to appreciate that Christians worship in different ways, for example using music, silence, story, prayer, reflection, the varied liturgical and other traditions of Anglican/Methodist worship, festivals and, where appropriate, the Eucharist.

c) Helps pupils and adults to appreciate the relevance of faith in today’s world, to encounter the teachings of Jesus and the Bible and to develop their understanding of the Christian belief in the trinitarian nature of God and its language.

d) Enables pupils as well as adults to engage in the planning, leading and evaluation of collective worship in ways that lead to improving practice. Leaders of worship, including clergy, have access to regular training.

e) Encourages local church community partnerships to support the school effectively in developing its provision for collective worship.

Recommended resources to support Collective Worship

LDBS Collective Worship Calendar 2020-21 Spring Term
• Margaret Cooling: More assemblies for primary schools: One book per term
• Roots and Fruits
• Jack in the box worship (
• Flippin’ Praise
• Margaret Cooling: Wisdom of Worship
• Margaret Cooling: Cracking assemblies

Useful Websites

Supporting Documents

Further Guidance on Collective Worship
LDBS Collective Worship Calendar 2020-21 Autumn Term

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Worship

Collective Worship Planning Format 1a 
Collective Worship Planning Format 1b
Collective Worship observation sheet for children
Monitoring and evaluating Collective Worship
Monitoring an act of worship