Students at Greig City Academy have been exploring Hope through Greek mythology, scripture, stories, drumming and dance. 

Year 7s explored the African concept of Ubuntu, which Desmond Tutu called ‘God’s dream‘.  Ubuntu teaches that it is through community and relationship that we find the Hope to thrive and the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties. We are all connected and develop a mutual respect for our fellow human beings once we accept that we cannot be truly human alone.

The RE department were delighted to welcome Alfons and Martin Hanson back to GCA, with their vibrant bespoke workshop called  ‘Ubuntu, Hope and Harmony’  delivered through drumming ,storytelling and dance. Year 7s  are now wearing their
‘Change is Gonna come’ badges.  This highlights the challenge they were set; to spread hope by being the change they want to see in the world.  They are already earning lots of Ubuntu credits for their resulting kind words and actions which bring Hope and Harmony to our world.   Well done to Year 7 for engaging so wholeheartedly in the event and taking up the challenge to bring hope through change.  Ubuntu!

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