SIAMS Strand 7: The Effectiveness of Religious Education

In this strand the inspector must explore:


  • How effective the school is in ensuring pupils flourish through the provision of high quality religious education reflecting the Church of England Statement of Entitlement.
  • How effective the school is in ensuring that religious education expresses the school’s Christian vision.

In developing effective Religious Education in a Church school, school leaders are advised to use these self-evaluation questions when completing the SIAMS SEF:

a) Through effective curriculum planning, RE provision reflects the Church of England Statement of Entitlement, or Methodist equivalent, develops religious literacy and
meets statutory obligations.

    • i. How well does RE help pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living world faith through the exploration of core theological concepts using an approach that critically engages with text? How well does RE help pupils consider the impact and connection that Christianity has on Britain’s cultural heritage and the lives of people worldwide?


      ii. How well does RE enable all pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of other major world religions and world views and their impact on society and culture


      iii. How well does RE give pupils a safe space to critically reflect on their own religious,spiritual and/or philosophical convictions?

b) Do teachers share effective practice locally and regionally and engage in professional development? Does RE have in place rigorous systems of assessment?
VA Only

c) How effective is RE teaching and learning in the school?

Useful Websites:

Supporting Documents:

 Statement of Entitlement
Legal requirement – to include right to withdraw
Guidance from NATRE on the right to withdraw

Main image – Christ Church Primary School, Spitalfields – uploaded 15/03/2022