St. Peters once again had a fantastic Art Week. 

Dominic Harris attended the school and introduced the students to his digital butterfly artworks.  Following a presentation about his research and design processes with students at St. Peter’s, Harris sought the children’s artistic skills in helping him create a new artwork.  Sharing that he’d made an exciting new discovery – using advanced technology, he could replicate hand-drawn illustrations into a digital medium – Harris tasked students with creating their own unique butterfly species, which would then become part of his new Metamorphosis:  Unicus artwork

Unique juices flowed as the children set to work producing an immense variety of designs.  The resultant butterfly illustrations clearly reflected the discussions in Art Week about colour, theme and technique, as designs were infused with passion and vibrancy.

St. Peter’s completed their work by creating their Art Café for parents to observe the magnificent works their children had made as well as experiencing their digital butterflies fluttering on screen.

What an amazing week of creativity, idea and imagination!


Further information and the children’s individual butterflies can be seen here:

You can find out more about this school here.