Morpeth School is a fully comprehensive community school in East London, serving our diverse local community. At Morpeth, we take great pride in our inclusive practice, valuing our differences as much as our shared values of respect, friendship, learning and achievement. We believe that the wonderful work completed by Jess and her team from St. Paul’s promotes these values and more.

St Paul’s Old Ford E3 started working with Morpeth in 2020, providing a Girls’ lunch group; a safe space for girls to relax, talk, play and be creative as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the playground. Over time, as awareness of the group increased we found students of all ages and genders wanting to take part. This year, to increase inclusivity, we took the step to open up the club to all students. The team from St. Paul’s were highly adept at ensuring the club maintained its calm, friendly and welcoming culture and that even our most vulnerable students felt safe to participate. For many of our students, the lunch club is a highlight of the week. 

Our youth workers from St Paul’s have been wonderful in engaging some of our most hard-to-reach pupils. This has meant that as a school we are able to better meet their needs and support students, whether that be friendship troubles or more serious safeguarding concerns. The kind, supportive and non-judgmental attitudes of St. Paul’s youth workers have provided much-needed words of support, a listening ear, a fun distraction, and a guiding hand for our students regardless of their religious beliefs, gender, sexuality, or ethnicity. The support offered to Morpeth from St Paul’s is invaluable and plays a huge role in supporting our students to thrive.

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