At St Mary’s School in Twickenham the Reception children began their new unit of learning on Transport with an exciting afternoon of exploring a real life car on the school playground!

In class the children enjoyed a discussion about the similarities and differences between cars in the past and present day.  Joshua noticed that “the wheels on cars in the past look much thinner than on today’s cars”
With this in mind like detectives the children closely inspected the different features of a present, day car.

They were so thorough they even noticed paw prints in the boot,
The teacher who owns this car has a dog. Cars in the past didn’t have big boots” said Isabelle.

Most thrilling of all was sitting behind the wheel pretending to drive away. The children had many ideas about where they could travel in the car; ‘to the beach, to the park to granny’s house or a different country if we had enough petrol’. Luckily there were no parking fines!

Over this half-term, the children will visit a railway bridge to inspect the trains and learn about other modes of transport in order to answer the key question ‘What is the best way to travel?’.