St. John and St. James Primary School established a bagel station in January 2022. Working with the National School Breakfast Programme, partly funded by the Department of Education, they are committed to providing a healthy breakfast for all their students. Running each morning, they believe that a healthy start to the day will set up their learners to succeed, giving them the energy and chance that they need to learn. Whilst breakfast is available to all the children, they estimate that 100-125 children daily are enjoying the warm bagels and full bellies. “We owe a great deal of the success of the bagel station to our Year 5 and 6 students, who work hard to prepare, deliver and provide a welcoming start to each day. They have taken great pride and responsibility in their work, creating signs and menus whilst reminding each other of the importance of hygiene and presentation.” Jo Nagle, Deputy Headteacher said.

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