St Paul’s CE Primary School, Hammersmith, are planning for encourage more love, care and concern for others this half-term.
Children in KS2 came up with the LOVE challenges below. Do feel free to take part.


Saturday 12 February

Tell someone today what you like or love about them or what makes them special to you

Sunday 13 February

Make a card of a crafted gift for a friend or a family member

Monday 14 February

Help someone in your family with a chore that you know that they don’t enjoy

Tuesday 15 February

Kindness challenge! Spread kindness with EVERY word, gesture and act today!

Wednesday 16 February

Give compliments today – lift others’ self-esteem

Thursday 17 February

Make a phone call or send an email or text (with help from your family) to someone to make their day and tell them you are thinking of them

Friday 18 February

Write a letter (or letters) to friends or family to tell them that they are appreciated

Saturday 19 February

Smile all day (you until your cheeks ache)
make a long list of all the people and things YOU Love and all the people how love, care for and appreciate YOU

Sunday 20 February

Take time – if you wish – to pray to God and thank Him for His love and for the people He has given you who love you and care for you. 
If you choose not to pray, perhaps sit quietly and think about how lucky you are to love and be loved. 

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