Thanks to those who have already joined our diocese-wide conversation. By beginning this dialogue as soon as the White Paper was published we hope to allow time for every school to contribute, so that we can work together to consider our future as a whole family. This does not necessarily mean that change will follow quickly! Draft legislation is only just being published let alone considered, so these initial discussions are focused on vision and strategic principles. We expect that the 2023-24 academic year will be needed to weigh the merits of change and develop detailed plans.

In this spirit, we are pleased to offer a workshop on Thursday 16 June 09.30am -11.30am with up to three places for each Church school so that the Head, Chair and clergy can all attend.

You’ll find the booking instructions in the LDBS Friday Bulletin on Friday 20 May, 13 May and 6 May.
If your school, chair or member of clergy does not receive the LDBS Friday Bulletin email mentioning which school you are associated with.