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Our Recruitment Team will help you find the perfect job for you in one of the 161 schools we serve and support. Whether it’s your first role as an ECT or a new challenge. Whether you are our next great Teaching Assistant or our newest Site Manager. Why not speak to us.  It’s completely free. We are not an agency. We are a community.

LDBS Recruitment Team on the road
The season where we visit universities is now almost at an end. If you missed us do feel free to get in touch Email

What’s a talent pool?
Our Recruitment Team will help you find the right role for you in one of our schools. Rather than you having to complete an application form for each vacancy you like in any of our schools we ask you to complete one application form and this is your talent pool application form. Saving you time! Once we receive your application form we’ll be in touch about the areas of London you would like to work in and if you have a preference for the size of school. 
When vacancies come up, we’ll let you know about them, sometimes before they are advertised and you can say yes or no to your application being put forward to that school.

So you’re a Recruitment Agency.
We are different from a recruitment agency as the schools we work with are the schools we advise, carry out building work for and ultimately serve. We are also unlike an agency as we get no commission if you accept a job with one of our schools. This means we aren’t in recruitment for the money. If a role isn’t right for you we won’t try and force you to accept it.