RE Resources to Use During COVID-19 PandemicDove

Websites and resources to support RE home learning

• NATRE resources, free during this time are available here 
• Westminster Abbey resources, including: Virtual classrooms and downloadable teaching resources.
• Barnabas in Schools are producing an expanding range of resources to support RE in the home in addition to the existing material.
• Website –
• Purple Mash ideas:
• RE:Start – Answering the Big Question
• RE Online
• Newsround – Islam – What is Ramadan?
• EYFS:  Big stories and resources
• 3 – 7 year olds:  Big stories and resources
• Key Stage 1:  BBC bitesize films and home learning lessons
• Key Stage 2:  BBC My Life, My Religion series
• Key Stage 2:  BBC bitesize films and home learning lessons
• Key Stage 2:  BBC films for the World Religions

Museums and galleries:

• The British Library
• The National Gallery:
• The Victoria and Albert Museum:
• The Jewish Museum:

Journey into Easter with Children.  Lots of arts and crafts to do around the Easter Story

• Journey Into Easter With Children
• Journey Into Pentecost