It has been a most memorial few weeks at Hampden Gurney Church of England School in Westminster with lots of visits from internal school leaders and ministers just before half term.  The jewel on the crown was meeting the Queen!  What a privilege and honour; staff and pupils alike were all thrilled and surprised by her presence at the launch of the Elizabeth Line at Paddington.  All other dignitaries paled in comparison at the TfL event. 

Hampden Gurney children sang so beautifully and staff and parents were all incredibly proud of them.  The school was given less than a week to prepare two songs and during SATs week too!  The challenge was there with the knowledge that the school’s pupils were probably going to be singing and meeting the Prime Minister and Mayor.  The Headteacher, Evelyn Chua, took on the challenge, supported by her staff, agreed that children would perform and rustled up two perfect songs for the occasion. 

To everyone’s surprise that morning, Her Majesty the Queen, graced the event with her presence.  TfL was in a fluster changing the plaque, which was engraved with Earl of Wessex to open, and the event was delayed by 20 minutes.  Did they care?  Not a bit and would have waited the rest of the day for the Queen.  The moment she stepped out of the lift was priceless and when pupils went to present her with the bouquet, with the Headteacher following behind, that was even more precious.