If you work in a school with a vacancy or are a potential candidate still looking for a role in September 2021 our Recruitment Team can help. Do make sure you get in touch with Stuart Webster E:stuart.webster@london.anglican.org

it has been a strange year for our Recruitment Team, rather than driving around the country and more specifically around London and meeting students at universities face-to-face; they have been zooming, ‘teaming’ and using a range of media to make potential candidates aware of the 163 schools the LDBS serve and support.

Stuart Webster, Recruitment Co-ordinator said: “It has been a huge learning curve for Mitch, LDBS Visas and Recruitment Adviser, and I. Attending recruitment events at universities while people were working from home added a new dynamic to us meeting candidates. So many people from all around the country have seen my spare room!
We are finding that candidates are a little more nervous than usual as they have had less classroom experience, but hopefully we have been able to reassure them. We talk about our schools being part of a family and these newly placed staff are joining our family.”

The Recruitment Team have placed more candidates than ever across a range of schools in London. 
They have placed more adverts than ever with The Guardian, TES and on our own website.
if you are looking for a role for September do take a look at the range of roles
currently available here
If you are are a school looking for staff do get in touch.