LDBS Clerking Service

At the LDBS, we have a centrally-managed team of professionally-trained clerks. All our clerks are permanent employees of the LDBS and have experience of working with different types of schools: voluntary-aided, academies, free schools, and community schools. We provide training to our clerks on a termly basis to ensure their skills stay up to date, and we carry out annual performance appraisals for each clerk that are informed by feedback from the head teacher and chair of governors.


What our clerking service provides

Schools buy into our clerking service under a service level agreement (SLA) and are invoiced for clerking services on a termly basis each school year. The core service provision includes:

  • Pre-meeting, meeting and post-meeting clerking and document management services
  • Maintenance and storage of the formal records and constituent documents of the governing body / trust / local academy committee
  • Advice on procedural and compliance issues to do with governance
  • Management of individual governor terms of office, including liaising with nominating authorities about reappointment or new appointments
  • Advice on induction of new governors, including the provision of induction materials
  • Subscription to Governorhub.

Additional services (such as running governor elections) can also be purchased.


Appointment of a clerk to your school

To ensure that we are able to meet your needs, we request that schools provide us with at least a term’s notice of their wish to join our clerking service. This gives us the time to carry out a high-quality recruitment and induction process, enables us to maintain our service standards, and helps us manage the clerking workload across our schools.

Subject to our clerking team workload, we are also able to provide clerking services to your school should you need to join our service in an emergency situation, for example if your clerk resigns unexpectedly. We would then work with your school to formalise a longer-term arrangement, which may entail fresh recruitment of a clerk on your behalf.


Schools’ feedback about our service

We survey our schools annually about their satisfaction with our clerking service.

95% of our schools were satisfied with our service in 2018-19 and 2019-20

90% of our schools that said our service was good value for money in 2018-19 and 2019-20

Schools identified clerks’ best strengths to be their ability to take minutes (identified by over 95% in 2018-19 and 2019-20), and their governance knowledge (identified by 85% in 2019-20).

Some comments from those who completed our survey:

  • “Our Clerk functions extremely efficiently with a governing body that has undergone significant changes. Her knowledge of process, compliance and governance has helped steer us in the right direction ensuring all relevant documentation is available.”
  • “[Our clerk is] real asset to our governing body”
  • “The provision is exemplar”
  • “The best Clerk I have ever known”

Contact us

All enquiries to Anne Messer Head of Governance Services
020 7932 1195