On Monday 15th November the Chamber Choir from Lady Margaret School sang Choral Evensong at St. Paul’s Cathedral. This was an amazing opportunity for our musicians and it was wonderful to hear our choir singing so beautifully in St. Paul’s. Emily Luther, one of our Year 13 singers, reflects:

“I think the two words that best describe my experience of singing at St Paul’s Cathedral is…. a privilege. And, that it is a memory that I will carry through to adulthood. To be fully immersed and to actually participate in such an amazing part of British culture, Choral Evensong being sung every day for centuries, was very honouring and made me feel connected to London’s heritage.

I loved the experience of practising in the choir room, our voices so lyrical in the acoustic of the room, and then progressing to the cathedral floor. What I enjoyed the most was when our sound was transposed to the choir stalls, hearing the echo resound down through the cathedral. I found this especially when singing the responses, the crisp and clear sound was truly magical and made me feel united to the rest of the choir members.

Though I was most certainly musically challenged, both in harmonies being a Soprano 2, and in the amount of diction I had to muster, these difficulties were all dispelled and made perfect by the cathedral and its incredible acoustics. Overall, my experience singing in Choral Evensong, was memorable to say the least.”

We are grateful to the team at St. Paul’s Cathedral for giving us this opportunity, and to Tom Daggett for his support for the choir. Well done to our Director of Music, Mr Adam Albrighton, and to our Chamber Choir, for their hard work in preparing for this service. It was a perfect way to begin the week!

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