Prayer stations, created by the children in all eight schools, were set up in St Mary’s Church Upper Street.  The stations took children on a spiritual journey, beginning with Jesus being tempted in the wilderness, to Jerusalem, to the cross and onto the resurrection. 

Throughout the day, children in Year 4 from every school, visited the church and spent time in prayer, reflection and quiet contemplation. 

A wonderful example of how a deanery of schools can come together to achieve something truly amazing and thought provoking.

“For me, what I experienced from the day was how enthusiastically the children engaged with the stations… how they so willingly thought about forgiving someone at the cross, how they could all think of things to be thankful for and to say sorry for, how they washed each other’s hands and thought about how to serve and how quickly their prayers built up for people around the world they wanted to pray for. I hope and pray that they all took something from it and it helps them on their journey…”
RE lead from St Mark’s C.E Primary School.

“I was really impressed with the way the children engaged in each prayer station, taking time to reflect, be still and to contemplate.   Children were keen to ensure they had visited every station.  The things the children took a way they clearly treasured. There was a real sense of peace in the church throughout the day.”  

RE lead from St John’s Upper Holloway C.E Primary School.

A day never to be forgotten.