What a truly fantastic International Week we had at All Saints’ last week. It all kicked off on Monday with a spectacular, inspiring banner-waving and violin-playing display from Tom and Sarah Wu. Everyone was mesmerised by the energy and beauty of their performances – their way of praising God.
On Tuesday we were fortunate to have another visitor to our school – Levi Roots.  Levi told his amazing story of how he came to England from Jamaica, aged twelve, and wasn’t even able to write his name. He ended up in the Dragons’ Den with his Reggae Reggae sauce and was able to get two Dragons to help him achieve his dream.  We all loved listening to his story and song.
The rest of the week was comprised of learning about different counties around the world – their history, geography, religion, language, culture and food.
Reception were learning about Great Britain. They learnt about the three different countries that make up Great Britain. They also learnt about the Queen and other members of the Royal family.  They had an amazing English tea party with lots to eat including cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, jam tarts and chocolate milk to wash it down. Delicious!
Year 1 were learning about Italy. They were learning how to say some colours, days of the week and numbers in Italian.  They learnt about their four cities – Rome, Milan, Venice and Naples, as well as some other cities such as Pisa, in Geography. From this information, they wrote postcards home as well as each of them writing a letter to an Italian child in Year 5. They also were able to learn how to make Spaghetti alla Napolitana and then eat it. Yummy!
Year 2 were learning about India.  In Geography, they were learning about the physical features such as mountains and rivers.  They also learnt about their four cities – Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and that the national animal is the peacock – and then made a 3-D model of one. In Art, they learnt about rangoli and how it is created before designing their own. They were able to learn what goes into a vegetable biryani before being able to sample some. Moreish!
Year 3 were learning about four cities in America – Boston, Miami, Los Angles and Seattle. They also learnt about New York City. They used the Internet to research these cities and were able to use their learning to create some wonderful travel brochures. As well as tasting food from around the world, they made their own cupcakes and decorated them before eating them. Lip-smacking!
Year 4 were learning about Abeokuta, Abuja, Qwerri, Calabar and Lagos – five major cities in Nigeria.  They used their learning to produce fact files to include religion and population as well as explain the significance of the Nigerian flag colours. They also learnt about Oluyinka O. Olutoye, a doctor who performed an operation on an unborn baby. They tasted Jollof rice and plantain and enjoyed it. Mouth-watering!
Year 5 were learning about Brazil. Within their learning they found out about the Amazon rainforest and the effects it has on our world’s ecology as well as some Brazilian celebrities. They wrote postcards home, created a project book and made a presentation in pairs to show their peers what they had learnt. They also made brigadeiros, a chocolate truffle which is then rolled in sprinkles. Luscious!
Year 6 were learning about Japan. They learnt about the country’s religion, history and culture, part of which was learning about Sumo wrestling. They then took part in their own competition. They also learnt how to speak Japanese and also write in three different scripts: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. They were all able to write their names. They also had the opportunity to taste some vegetarian sushi which was kindly made by one of their parents. Scrumptious!
The week ended with Sports Day – every class had been split into four or five cities from the countries that they were learning about.  The cities then competed to see who won in their individual class. There was a city from each Key Stage which was the overall winner.  In EYFS/KS1, the winning city was London, England; in KS2, it was Abeokuta, Nigeria. Congratulations to those two cities and everyone who took part.