Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020

Members of the Executive & Finance Committee have prepared a Strategic Plan which was adopted by the Board on 7 December 2016.
The LDBS Strategic Plan builds on the London Diocese’s Strategic Plan and Capital Vision 2020.


The key aims of the Plan are:

      1. Schools with a distinctively Christian ethos

  • ensure all schools have good or outstanding RE and Collective Worship
  • maintain and strengthen popularity of Church schools in Diocese
  • ensure sufficient places at primary schools to meet demand
  • increasing number of Church school places especially for Years 7 to 13


      2.   Support for community schools within the Diocese

  • invest in RE Curriculum and Collective Worship
  • provide advice and services


      3.   Recruitment and retention of teachers for our schools

  • develop recruitment service
  • strengthen School Direct and School Centred Initial Teacher training (SCITT)
  • provide training courses


      4.  An appropriate organisation structure              

  • that reflects the needs of academies as VA schools convert
  • retirements managed seamlessly


For more information on the LDBS Strategic Plan please contact Inigo Woolf on