It is Faith in Focus season, at Greig City Academy and we have been exploring the theme of Hope with all year groups, through mythology, song, story, poetry, drumming, dialogue or creative art.  Our lessons are a hybrid of academic and pastoral reflections each year during FIFS.  

Hope is a common theme in Holy Books and is mentioned over a hundred times in the Bible.  Hope is the certainty that we can change things for the better; that our future can be better than our past. It is one of the most important Christian virtues alongside faith and love. 
Hope helps us in many ways : to dream big, to believe in ourselves, to achieve academically, to be healthy, to achieve happiness, to recover from illness and to live long healthy lives. 

Hope helps us to be strong and resilient, not to give up and to get through difficult times, because we are optimistic that ‘ A change is Gonna Come’ . It is especially important in current times in the aftermath of the pandemic which has taken its toll globally on both our physical and mental health. Hesiod, the ancient Greek didactic poet, reminds us that wherever we find  suffering, hope also exists.

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