Principles of Good Governance during the Pandemic. Registration is now closed

13th Jan 2021 18.00pm - 19.30pm via zoom - the meeting link will be sent nearer the time Course Fees: Free to schools who buy into Core Service or £30

Registration is now closed

The aim of this session is to refresh school governance during the coronavirus pandemic, drawing on the DfE’s guidance to governors and schools, plus current NGA advice. Governors will have an opportunity to reflect on the current governance practices of their boards and consider alternative approaches to fit with the unique pressures and challenges that schools are facing during the pandemic. Chairs are particularly encouraged to attend with their Headteachers.

We will cover seven principles of good governance, within three key themes of supportive, strategic and pragmatic governance:

  1. Good governance fosters collaborative and open relationships with senior leaders
  2. Good governance supports school leaders in responding to staff and parental concerns
  3. Good governance places the welfare of pupils and staff at the heart of all decision-making
  4. Good governance maintains strategic oversight of teaching and learning
  5. Good governance maintains strategic oversight of the school’s financial position
  6. Good governance prioritises the core governance functions
  7. Good governance involves evaluating quality and impact


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