SIAMS Strand 5:
Dignity and respect (VAGC and RSE)

In developing Dignity and Respect in a Church school, school leaders are advised to use these self-evaluation questions when completing the SIAMS SEF:

a) How well does your school’s Christian vision and associated values uphold dignity and value all God’s Children*, ensuring through its policy and practice the protection of all members of the school community?
b) How well does the whole curriculum provides opportunities for all pupils to understand,respect and celebrate difference and diversity?
c) Does the school have an approach to relationships and sex education (RSE) that ensures children are able to cherish themselves and others as unique and wonderfully made, and to form healthy relationships where they respect and offer dignity to others. (From 2020 onward)

Recommended resources to support Dignity and Respect

RSE guidance and policy template from CE Education Office
Goodness and Mercy PHSE resources
• JIGSAW PSHE Curriculum –

Useful Websites:


Supporting Documents:

• Valuing all God’s children – Guidance for Church of England schools on challenging homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying assemblies