Samantha Spring has been a Governor and the Chair of Governors (Foundation PCC) at Christ Church Bentinck CE Primary School (CCB) for over 18 years. Her term of office ended on 11 February 2022 and she now believes it is right time to step down.

As a Governor, Samantha offered challenge and support and was an immense source of wisdom.  Her two children attended CCB and her loyalty to school continued after they moved on. Samantha had a range of talents. Applying common sense when faced with difficult situations was one of Samantha’s strengths. When the school celebrated its 60th anniversary, Samantha designed and baked a special cake to mark the occasion.  As a regular member of the school’s interview panel, Samantha has been instrumental in supporting the appointment of excellent staff.

Samantha has shown incredible dedication to CCB and during this amazing journey CCB achieved an outstanding Ofsted grading in 2019.

Samantha will be greatly missed by parents, staff, children and Governors.