In Reception this term, the pupils have been learning about superheroes!  The children have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Supertato stories by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra and making up their own superhero stories using a range of adventurous vocabulary, including ‘villain’, ‘tsunami’ and ‘triumph’.  Children have designed their own superheroes and have been very imaginative in their play, developing their expressive language and narrative skills very enthusiastically.

Children have also discussed superheroes they know in their own lives and learnt to recognise superhero qualities in others  – all the people who help us and do amazing things everyday.  This theme of learning has also enabled children to reflect on what makes them a superhero which has linked very well to the RE learning devised by the LDBS.

In RE, the theme is Creation: who cares for this special world and why?  It is really developing our children’s sense of awe and wonder of the world in which we live; their sense of belonging to a local and global community; how to care for insects / animals, caring for all sorts of people, teaching them how to look after and value the world and the people living in it.  Children at Bishop Perrin are learning about how to be ‘recycling superheroes’.  This has facilitated some very practical activities to understand more about how to protect the planet by making small changes at home and at school.  Children have been litter picking around the school, created artwork using recycled materials and learnt about the parable of the talents and the story of the Good Samaritan.  It is not always easy to do the right thing but the children at Bishop Perrin are going to make a big effort to share this message.  By participating inThe Big Plastic Count Bishop Perrin families have had the opportunity to record how much plastic they are using each week and will hopefully be able to influence decisions at government level about how to reduce plastic waste.

Bishop Perrin School staff hope their Reception children will grow up to be part of a generation of young people who are environmentally conscious and aware of the small acts they can do to look after our wonderful planet.