All Saints School NW2 revealed their new EYFS outdoor area when pupils returned after their Easter break.

Ms Skinner head of school  said: ‘I started my role as Head of School at All Saints’ NW2 in January as the nation headed into yet another lockdown. Not ideal, in any sense, yet we were determined to provide the best possible learning opportunities, for both the children in school, and those working from home. We set about pushing forwards with our vision for our school, and implementing changes where needed as part of an EYFS project working with Helen Cheung, an Advisory Lead from Barnet, and our partnership school in Whetstone. One of the areas we identified as a priority was the need to enable our EYFS children to have more high quality learning experiences outdoors and to make better use of the space we have.’

By the Easter holidays All Saints’ were ready to begin resurfacing works in their EYFS outdoor area. “The diggers rolled in, and we were on hand with our cameras to ensure that the children got to see the process that had taken place once they returned from their Easter break. We knew they would be so excited!”

The work took just over a week to complete and now gives the children access to around twice the space previously available. Play and learning that flow seamlessly between indoors and outdoors enable the children to make the most of the resources and materials available to them and develop their ideas without unnecessary interruption.

School staff were delighted that the work was completed to a high standard and ready for when the children started back at school. The completed work has given the learning environment a new lease of life and means the school can drive forwards with learning both indoors and outdoors at all times.

The work has even inspired some of the school’s youngest learners to have a go at being builders themselves!