Ms Rock and Ms Patros celebrated their retirements at the end of term in style.

Ms Patros has been a teaching assistant at the school, in Primrose Hill, for a staggering 34 years; while Ms Rock was a class teacher for 26 years including becoming special educational needs (SEN) lead.

As well as two leavers’ assemblies at St Mary’s Church, they had been presented with caricatures and blue style plaques.

Headteacher Mr Hale said, “In an ever-changing world, where families are often living away from their support networks, this kind of stability is a rare and special gift. There will be fewer and fewer people who will spend such an extended time in their workplaces.”

“There is something in living and experiencing change in the community and knowledge of families over such a long time that makes this kind of service invaluable to communities everywhere.”

You can read the complete article in the Camden New Journal here.