On Tuesday All Saints School in Child’s Hill had a visit from a Gorilla! Staff had kept this visit a secret from the children and it’s safe to say that the pupils were blown away! The children came face-to-face with Thomas the Gorilla and were immersed in a story about his life.

Through the story the children learnt about Thomas and his home and explored the positive and negative impacts of human behaviours on our world. The story of Thomas outlines the importance of sustainability and raises awareness of our human footprint on the world around us. It is a topic that has been differentiated from EYFS up to Year 6 and is designed to get children of all ages thinking scientifically with an underpinning message about the world around them. This experience was bought to the school by TeachRex.

On Wednesday children from All Saints School visited Holland Park Ecology Centre as part of the schools involvement in The Honeybee Programme. The school applied to be part of this initiative earlier in the year and were delighted to be selected. In addition to their visit to the Ecology Centre, the children at All Saints’ will also have a visit from a beekeeper who will bring live hives with them and a gardener will come to the school to plant bee friendly plants in our environment. 

The children dressed in protective clothing and headed into the meadows to learn more about honeybees. After some initial fears, it was wonderful to see the children grow in confidence and even hold bees! This initiative was bought to All Saints by the School Food Matters organisation; it is designed to raise awareness of the vital importance of honeybees in food production and introduce teachers to the wonders of keeping bees at school.

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